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Your website is often the first introduction a potential client gets to your business. It needs to grab their attention within the first few seconds. At Graphite Design, we are passionate about web design. This is why our talented team will combine their skills to bring you the seamless and beautiful website you deserve. We believe that great web design and top-notch web development go hand in hand to create a website that not only looks great but also performs flawlessly. With a focus on meeting your specific business needs, we offer customised web design services that are tailored to your brand, target audience and goals. Whether you’re looking to establish an online presence or revamp your existing website, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our web design and development services.

Website Solutions

We focus on creating a distinctive website design personalised for every client and their services. We understand that user experience is important and therefore consider their target audience and ease of website navigation when forming every design and build.

Target Audience

Every client has a different target audience to impress and inspire with their website design. Companies we work with include Surefire Software, CSM Logistics and Enviro Pest Control amongst others. For each client, we always come up with original ideas to gain the attention of their specific target audiences and increase the awareness of their brand.


Website navigation is critically important. As well as being functional, creative and co-ordinated alongside the brand, the navigation wholly affects the user experience. With our wealth of knowledege and years of experience, the websites we create are always clear to read, accessible and most importantly, easy to use.

Great looking websites that deliver results

At Graphite Design, our web design team has a passion for building websites from scratch, creating stunning, fully personalised, responsive websites to perfectly compliment your company’s brand.

The web design and construction process

Identifying the goal – It is important to identify your end result, what you want your website to do, services that are offered and an understanding of the goings on of your competitors.

Deciding the imperatives of what your new website or website redesign will need to have in its completed stage is important so you can plan ahead. Choosing the key services your business will offer will give you time in advance to prepare. Being knowledgeable on key aspects of competitor’s sites, such as design and services offered, will help your design stand out and be original.

Scope of project – To schedule resources, budget, expectations and time-frame. It is important to forward plan your project to be able to effectively deal with any unexpected changes throughout the process.

Creating a sitemap or wireframe to design your website – The basic design for your website can be created to enable you to have a plan of what your website will be when online. Sitemaps or wireframes detail the content and the hierarchy of pages so they can be arranged accordingly.

Creating the content – Well written and good visual content will enhance your website’s visibility and SEO as well as improving the appearance of your website and its pages.

There is a high level of importance for visual content to grab the attention of potential customers. Visual content, images, design style and effects can enhance the feel of your website as well as making written content stand out. The style of the website, including the colour palette, fonts and the placement of images and descriptions, should all co-ordinate with the brand’s current style and image or with what the brand is choosing for their image.

Testing the website – Before launch, the website should be tested on all types of devices and web browsers to check they load ok and look good and that the format is arranged how you want it to be. Links, images and videos should also be tested to check they work.

Launching the website – Once the website has been fully contemplated and analysed, over in the testing stage, you can then launch your website.

The importance of having an attractive website with consistent and easy to use navigation

Having an attractive, bold design for your website is crucial to its success. Clients will be initially drawn to the way your website appears so you need to give a great first impression and capture the spirit of your brand. You can still have fun choosing a specific style for your website that makes your business stand out over and above your competitors.

Navigation is important for clients to be able to easily access all the features and pages of your website. Having good navigation will enhance your brand’s reputation and will make people want to use your website, whether for e-commerce or just as an informative platform.



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