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A WordPress based solution, an e-commerce site, a complex application integrating with web services from third-parties, content management systems (CMS), at Graphite Design we can do it all.

Building a better website design and development experience for everyone

A WordPress based solution is a content management system (CMS) which allows you to create and build stunning websites. WordPress encourages website creation with its multiple templates and optional free subscription. Using a WordPress based solution means you can easily customise your website for any category: for e-commerce, for blogs and for portfolios as well as numerous other industries.

A content management system (CMS) is used to manage content and images and allows numerous people to collaborate to create the content, edit and publish.

E-commerce website development involves expanding the technical aspects of your website, usually incorporating an online shop. This also includes choosing how the website will function, adding a payment gateway, the payment methods it will accept and how it responds to the user’s actions.

Website integration is when a website can send or receive information from another application or system, known as an API. Communication with third-party app integration can offer more opportunities for your business and encourage growth.

Why choose Graphite Design for your web development?

At Graphite Design, we have worked with a multitude of companies, expanding and enhancing their brand image.

We have created many online booking systems for our clients, such as Senate Grand Prix, who provide Monaco Grand Prix race viewing, hospitality and hotel accommodation. We have also created a custom logistic service integration website for CSM Logistics, who partner with some of the largest carriers in the world – UPS, DHL, DPD.

We have a dedicated team of visionary designers and developers that are experienced in web design and web development and are open and willing to evolve with new technology.



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