Web hosting in Kent & Surrey

Graphite Design operate dedicated 24/7 Windows and Linux hosting servers in two data centres in the UK. In the highly unlikely event that connectivity to our primary data centre in London were to fail, we can quickly switch over to our secondary data centre in Maidenhead

  • Free Site Transfers
    Already got a site we'll transfer it and get it set up for free.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
    No hidden usage charges!
  • 99% Uptime
    Your site online all the time!
  • Email Included
    All our hosting solutions can optionally include your email in the price - or leave it with your existing provider.
  • Dedicated Hosting
    Ultimate performance, no compromises.
  • Shared Hosting
    Perfect for smaller web sites and start ups.
  • WordPress Hosting
    Free migration, high speed, optimised for WordPress.
  • Virtual Private Server
    With VPS hosting, you get dedicated server space with a reserved amount of resources, offering greater control and customisation than shared hosting.
  • Support as Standard
    Tech and non-tech language spoken here.
  • Success when using Graphite's hosting services
  • Success when 'not' using Graphite's hosting services

Professional web hosting with a personal touch

With no fixed contracts, personal service and no fixed hosting plans, we can tailor a hosting solution to fit your needs and budget. UK based hosting thats fully scalable on high performance Windows and Linux servers. We have almost 30 years experience of web hosting for businesses, small and large. Call us to discuss how we can help you help your website deliver its full potential.

In order to have an informative, working website, you will need to use a web hosting service. By using a web hosting service, you can publish your website or webpage onto the internet. All of the files and data for your website is stored on a secure server.

Web hosting is a method of providing storage space and access for websites. Data and storage from your websites can be saved and accessed throughout the website creation process. This includes text, images and code which can be stored efficiently. Space online can be rented out so that your website can be accessed and altered through the internet. This means that anyone who can access the internet has the ability to reach your website, which is essential for online businesses.

It is necessary to use a web hosting service in the modern world so customers can find and interact with your business online. The internet’s search engine must respond to your business’s name in order for customers to believe you are a legitimate company.

At Graphite Design, we offer a secure web hosting service to enable you to have a suitable working website. We have two data centres, one in London and one in Maidenhead. This means that if one were to lose connectivity, we can switch over to our other data centre in a timely manner, meaning your data will be backed up and your website will continue to be accessible on the internet.

Key benefits of using a professional web hosting service:

  • Data is kept secure – servers are reliable and website data and content is backed up for fast recovery.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – you can upload as much content as you need and more customers will be able to visit your website at a given time. Plus, professional web hosts will offer various packages which can accommodate your needs at particular stages of your business’s growth.
  • Support – If your server fails, a professional web hosting service will be dependable in website recovery. Professional web hosts understand the importance of fast website recovery and re-connection and will therefore ensure your website stays accessible even after a potential crash.


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