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Fully responsive website design, development and build

Website design, development and build for EHub Distribution. An online e-commerce shop for EHub Distribution, who believe sales advice should come from a strong technical understanding of the products being sold, their product knowledge means they are well placed to offer tailored advice for each of their customer’s individual requirements. From confirming compatibility to helping select cost efficient ways to specify components for electronic fire and security system installations, their in-depth product knowledge is one of their most valuable assets.



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Graphite Design have been quietly working alongside our customers across Westerham, Bromley, Croydon, Kent and the South East UK for over 20 years.


Graphic design for business cards, booklets, banners, catalogues, reports, brochures, cd covers, exhibition materials and much more.


Web designers since the early days, we’ve seen it all come and go, we evolve with the technology, it fires us up and the results are seen by millions of people.

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